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Okay. Okay.

This was actually going to be posted in the last entry as a comment to yet another idiot, but I'm going to post it to make sure that it gets through the thick heads of flamers.

We don't hate it when music goes mainstream. If you read the title of the fucking community right, it's says (and let me go real slow for you so all of the people who hate on this community get it), FANS. AGAINST. TEENIES. LIKE. YOU.

Does it say ANYWHERE in the title that we hate bands becasue they go mainstream? Most of us don't hate mainstream. We hate it when bands we've loved for what seems like forever get popular and everyone likes to pretend they've liked them forever and that they would listen to them even if they're friends weren't. We hate it when the bands we know and love are only listened to by some because it is popular.

So the next time you fuckers feel the need to post an unintelligent and uninformed comment, think again. You are wasting your time because you are automatically wrong. Get a fucking life and post in a community that you believe instead of using what little braincells you must have in one that you don't.

That is all.
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