ane (lifesamaze) wrote in f_a_t_l_y,

Something old, something new, something taken, something blue

I always really liked Blackbird by the Beatles, and I'm really kind of annoyed that it's been brought back into mainstream America by those fake/wannabe Hippies. Stupid new-age Hippie movement. It's ridiculous, but I'm protective of the song because it's been a childhood memory of mine. Like a nursery rhyme. I don't appreciate people tainting this small piece of purity I've managed to retain for so long a time--something that is mine, my own, a part of me (couldn't help referencing the dialogue of LOTR)--turning it into a symbol of their own washed-up ways. I've always wondered: how is it possible for them to reach inside me and take from me something I never even knew I had? And how does it come to be that I miss it so much?
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