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Okay. Okay.

This was actually going to be posted in the last entry as a comment to yet another idiot, but I'm going to post it to make sure that it gets through the thick heads of flamers.

We don't hate it when music goes mainstream. If you read the title of the fucking community right, it's says (and let me go real slow for you so all of the people who hate on this community get it), FANS. AGAINST. TEENIES. LIKE. YOU.

Does it say ANYWHERE in the title that we hate bands becasue they go mainstream? Most of us don't hate mainstream. We hate it when bands we've loved for what seems like forever get popular and everyone likes to pretend they've liked them forever and that they would listen to them even if they're friends weren't. We hate it when the bands we know and love are only listened to by some because it is popular.

So the next time you fuckers feel the need to post an unintelligent and uninformed comment, think again. You are wasting your time because you are automatically wrong. Get a fucking life and post in a community that you believe instead of using what little braincells you must have in one that you don't.

That is all.
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"We hate it when the bands we know and love are only listened to by some because it is popular."

It would take me days to point out all that's wrong with you, evident in just that little sentence. Passionate speech, but you're a fucking phony so I only gave it two and a half stars. : (

le sad.

Funny how I don't care. I only posted that because stupid idiots like you are posting pointless comments and entries in here. Why are you here, exactly? I'd just like to know, since you don't belong to this community and obviously don't agree with it. Maybe it's just me, but that seems 'le sad'. Excuse me if I'm wrong.
Oh right, I'm phony. For sure there, since you know everything about me. Since, you know, you've met me and had conversations with me and all that shit. You know, I don't think anyone has EVER had so much thoughtful insight into who I am and have been so right. I thank you for this.
Thank you for illustrating my point precisely. "You're not one of us, get out, bleh." Which is exactly the sort of attitude I accused you of having. And do you even fucking know what 'bohemian' means? As the song says, Bohemia is dead. It's the hipster equivalent of all the little post-post-post punk kids calling themselves "anarchists". Sigh. You are a phony, but of course you don't know that. They say you stop smelling shit after a while, if you live with it on the end of your nose...

FYI: I'm smarter than you. I wouldn't be so quick to label someone a 'stupid idiot' when it's apparent that said person is your intellectual superior.

It's also amusing to see how long and drawn out your reply was, given that you don't care. A less reptilian specimen would have ignored me and pressed on, methinks.

And in actuality, I do agree with the general sentiment behind the community, or rather the purported sentiment. Tell me, genius, how would you have attempted to alienate me from your little tribe if I *had* joined the community? Would that situation have left you with an empty gun? I can't imagine you've got much wit stockpiled, but I suppose I'll forever wonder...

Is it really that hard of a concept to understand? What is the problem here? I really don't see why the fuck anyone would waste their time posting comments they've obviously put much thought into in a community they bash for no apparent reason.
Wow, you seem to think you are smarter than me. Congrats. I hope you got a rush of superiority or the false praise you must be yearning for out of that statement. Sadly, for you, I don't really care. I never claimed to be smarter than anyone else, that's your job.
And for your information (not that it is any of your business anyway), I got my username from a song. It's called 'Bohemian Like You' by the Dandy Warhols, download it if you like. It's a good song, which is why I associated my username with it.
I skipped over the rest of the first paragraph, so whatever you wrote was a big waste of time for you. Thankfully I'm cool like that and don't waste my time reading things that are well....IDIOTIC. STUPID. MISINFORMED.

I'm tired and didn't feel like reading the rest of your comment, so I have nothing more to say on it. I think I will be the better person here and give a great big "FUCK OFF" farewell. You may comment back with more things that you think make you sound witty or intelligent, I honestly don't give a shit. But if it will stroke your obviously gigantic ego, go ahead. Whatever floats your boat.

Goodbye. Have a nice day.
I'm not going to beat around the bush by saying something presumably polite and then euphemistically insulting you or your point of view. It seems to me you just want some attention because you're bored or lonely, so you decided to insult somebody to get a reaction so you could continue with this trivial little pursuit to fill your time. If you don't have anything particularly useful or thought-provoking to contribute, why don't you just not bother? Because resorting to insulting the other person outright is just petty.

But at least the bit about "bohemia" was informative. Was that supposed to be a display of your "intellectual [superiority]?"
I like your icon, I like your RENT reference, and I like your argument style. I don't get this elitism either. Why can't we all just like the same music and celebrate that, instead of deciding who's worthy of the music/scene/community by whether or not they wear body glitter?
Hey, thanks. If you have AIM, I'd love to talk music sometime. My screenname's in my profile.

why should it matter HOW LONG you've liked a certain band. or how many of their albums you own, or how many pointless facts you know about the lead singer?

of course its annoying when people you dont like, or people you dont think appreciate 'your' band start showing up at school with tshirts and lyrics written all over their books, but honestly

who cares?

does it really affect YOUR enjoyment of the music? it really shouldnt.

you music-snobs are just as irritating as any other clique.

CHILL OUT. music is for listening to. enjoying. cheering you up. etc. not for squabbling over like spoiled kids. no one OWNS the right to listen to a band or not.
I love you?! yes, I do.